For years we have seen company mission statements that include, often gratuitously, the term “values”, accompanied by a variety of attributes these firms wish to project on their organizations.  These intentions are all well and good; however, a company’s stated values are meaningless if its employees’ individual core thinking values are not aligned accordingly. Scientists who study thinking values tell us, with rare exceptions, that employees’ value systems are significantly in place before they enter the workforce.

It is therefore highly unlikely an employer will change in any meaningful way an employee’s thinking values during or after the onboarding process.  Consequently, it is during the recruiting process where employers must do the hard work if they are to ensure that the thinking values of its staff reflect the stated values of the company.  To fail at this stage will likely result in a company failing to successfully implement its strategic objectives.  The challenge of avoiding misaligned values in business dealings has always existed.  Companies face these challenges when determining which firms to forge alliances with, as well as which applicants to hire. 

However, in today’s digital age, the consequences of misreading candidate values in the pre-employment sequence place companies at risk more than ever before because the consequences for poor judgment can be much more severe.  Employees with disproportionately biased thinking values, and the accompanying poor emotional intelligence (“EQ”), can post videos containing inappropriate behavior, make online entries that disparage their employers on sites like glassdoor, or make improper comments in social media accounts.  Due to the power of social media, risks stemming from poor EQ are not limited to the misconduct of management members.  Employees in the rank-and-file can cause public relations disasters as well. 

It is for these very reasons that organizations should consider Workforce Interactive for their strategic partner portfolio.  Workforce Interactive is an innovative leader in the employment services sector, offering unprecedented capabilities in the area of human capital analysis.  As the behavioral instrument marketplace evolves from the “self-analysis” personality test paradigm introduced almost a century ago, Workforce Interactive is uniquely positioned to help its customers when assessing talent in a pre-employment setting as well as developing their resources in a post-employment context.

Our solution set, rooted in Value Science, and complemented by our patent-pending software, can be leveraged by our clientele to achieve unmatched accuracy when evaluating the EQ of their human capital.   This affords our customers a higher level of precision across all phases of human capital analysis and development, resulting in a greater return on investments involving their workforce.