Do you know of anyone with a perfect hiring record?

Have your hiring decisions always yielded employees who performed at the highest levels according to their departments’ respective standards and measurements?

It is very likely that anyone with hiring experience would interpret these questions as rhetorical given the perceived complexity and difficulty associated with the practice of hiring. However, many of the challenges that routinely lead to ineffective hiring decisions can be significantly mitigated. The solution is to apply more science to an activity that has historically been more reliant on art.

Unlike traditional self-analysis personality instruments that can be gamed or manipulated, Workforce Interactive combines the unmatched accuracy of Value Science with its patent-pending technology to deliver unprecedented insight regarding an individual’s suitability for positions within an organization.  Customers may identify one or more key performance indicators (i.e. sales performance, tenure, turnover rates, shrinkage, customer satisfaction surveys, etc.) to establish factors to be correlated with corresponding thinking values. 

An analysis engine compares candidate thinking value patterns and related emotional intelligence with those possessed by existing employees, and relevant, fact-based information is graphically displayed, enabling users with knowledge they can use to make informed selection or advancement decisions.  The analytics that are made available via our graphical tools and reports shed light on applicant suitability, shared value structures with established employee precedents, and relative performance expectations.

Our online insight can be coupled with a behavioral interview guide tailored specifically for the individual of record.  This can make for much more efficient interviews, as interviewers are no longer forced to cover as much ground as possible in order to mitigate risk.  Our behavioral interview questions are designed to explore the Achilles heel or “blind spot” dimension of candidates, in order to gauge their self-awareness.  Candidates’ level of mindfulness related to their “blind spots” will be a crucial piece of information as it pertains to their fitness for the job under consideration.