Workforce Interactive offers a comprehensive values-based spectrum of services and accompanying reports designed to facilitate growth in leaders and individual contributors alike.  These reports span onboarding, personal development, leadership development, new hire’s impact on team, and reconciliation of hiring manager’s values with those of new recruits. 

In addition, the company’s values-based methodology provides an effective framework for training/development professionals to deliver their content in the most effective manner.  This heightened awareness provides the means for trainers and managers to communicate in a way that makes it possible for the attention and energy of others to be optimally focused on the communicator’s message.  Understanding what motivates people is invaluable in developing an ability to interact with, train and inspire them.

When training, we can’t project motivation onto others.  Motivation resides inside people and reflects what they see is good and has value.  Concerning human motivations, the key is to understand the “goods” that others inherently value.  So we need a precise understanding of what is valued to be effective.  Therein lies the benefits associated with Workforce Interactive’s inclusion in a training regimen.