Our values-based methodology provides more evolved insight than traditional instruments and/or methodologies.  That’s because personalities are how people act; values reveal how people think – thinking always comes first. 

This distinction is extremely important regarding human capital assessment.  The potential disparity between personalities and thinking values why there aren’t too many individuals with perfect hiring records.  That’s because many hiring decisions are based on how someone acted in an interview instead of truly understanding how they think.

Our technology measures the sources of behaviors and attitudes; not the behaviors or attitudes themselves.  Peoples’ value structures are the sources of personality characteristics, behavioral choices, and their mental maps for decision-making.   

In addition to its unmatched precision, our science is also efficient.  Little skill and time are required to administer and take our thinking style survey.  It is usually completed in less than 25 minutes.  In addition, unlike many traditional instruments, it is written at an educational level appropriate for any/or all associates in an organization.  This universal applicability offers a significant advantage related to career development/planning.

Finally, the objectivity of our science makes it possible for us to accurately examine thinking, behavior and decision-making with mathematical models.  As a result, our approach to analytics is void of subjective contamination that is a hurdle for users of traditional self-analysis psychological instruments.